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How to use dynamic layers in js api 4.4

Question asked by roemhildtg on Aug 17, 2017
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I'm confused on how I can use dynamic layers in the 4.4 api. I have a group of layers published from arcmap like this:

By default, all of the group layers are off, some of the child layers are on, and nothing is visible until the user toggles a group layer on. (this is how it works in 3.x).


In 4.4, I set up some layer like this: 

                id: 'assets',
                url: `${url}/internal/assets/MapServer`,
                // sublayers: [{
                //     id: 12,
                //     visible: true
                // }, {
                //     id: 13,
                //     visible: true
                // }],
                popupTemplate: {
                    title: 'cid: {cid}'


When the map loads, all of the child layers that are visible are displayed. The map looks crazy busy. 

So just to test what happens I uncomment the above code to show only sublayer 12. 


This works, only sublayer 12 is shown:

Now if I uncomment both sublayers 12 and 13 from the block above, it stops working. I get no image from the server. I checked the network logs.


In the version with no sublayers, the network image request looks like this:



With one sublayer:



With two sublayers: 



My questions are: 

  • Why does providing no sublayers display the layer incorrectly (ie ignoring group layer visibility)?
  • Why do the parameters change from layers to dynamicLayers when switching from one sublayer to two sublayers? - a similar problem is observed here: