AnsweredAssumed Answered not updating after delete/update of survey

Question asked by cjbowles on Aug 14, 2017
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We recently had to update a survey to add a new question.  As a result, we needed to delete/wipe the database and start with a fresh copy.  I exported the existing survey (as a FGDB) and then moved it to a different folder, removed sharing, and renamed it (this survey has 150 records).  I then updated the survey using the Survey123 application.


In, I can see the new survey (with 13 records), but other users who I have collaborated/shared the survey with are still seeing the 150 records.  I have had the users delete their cache, sign in as incognito, etc., but they still do not see the new records of the updated survey.


Any thoughts/suggestions or is this an issue because I moved the feature service instead of letting the application delete it?