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A Tax PIN is interpreted as a phone number in Explorer App pop-up

Question asked by momartin on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by JWhitney-esristaff

Due to the issue with pop-ups not working in the Explorer App since the update in June, I reconfigured the web map to reference the full URL to the layer ID instead of just to the root of the map server. i.e. (for example) add the layer with and not via the root URL . Currently, I have the Explorer App version 17.1.1 and the good news is this worked to access the pop-ups in the web map.


The problem now is that the pop-up is interpreting the values in the PIN field of our Tax Parcels layer as a phone number. The user can tap on the PIN and get the option to FaceTime Audio, Send Message, Add to Contacts, or Copy. I can imagine this to be a point of confusion for users accessing these pop-ups. Also, for some parcels, the text of the value in the PIN field in the pop-up is green instead of black as configured.


Any idea how to make sure the PIN is not interpreted as a phone number?