Unable to save new features, but can edit existing shapes and attributes

Discussion created by msbsmith on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by msbsmith
We are developing the JavaScript API V2.1 and trying to work with the editing task but we have a problem where we can't save new features.

We are using ArcGIS Server V10 Service Pack 1 (IIS7) on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 with SDE V10 Service Pack 1 with versioned layers.

The strange thing is we can modify existing features using the out-the-box editor widget, reshape, move and change attributes, but as soon as we draw a new point, line or polygon on the map and save, the 'working' bar appears as though it is trying to save, but the shape just drawn vanishes off the map and is not saved to the layer in the database.  The MXD used for the feature service can be opened in ArcEditor and we can create new shapes fine, so we know the permissions within the MXD are fine.

We have used the ESRI editor sample code with our own services (so I'm not sure there is any value posting the code here as it is the same as the sample), set up a geometry service and using a proxy page as required, but we just can't digitise new features.

Can anyone suggest a reason for this, and/or a solution?  We have a call open with our ESRI support at the moment, but we're not getting very far, so thought I would quiz the forums.

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