Feature Service is not associated with a feature table

Discussion created by zaguee on Aug 9, 2017
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Hi, I´m using the latest version of Arcgis SDK for .NET in a wpf app. I developed a user control which interacts with map and feature services, I'm able to create features in the user control and returning them to the wpf app where I call a method (SyncFeatures) that adds/updates the features received from the user control. Inside method SyncFeatures I add some attributes to the features like this


pObjResultadoRegistroDomiciliario.FeatureDomicilioPersona.SetAttributeValue("usuario", pUsuario);


when that line is executed i get an InvalidOperationException "Cannot call this method in this context: Feature Service is not associated with a feature table". 

Debugging I found that "FeatureDomicilioPersona" has a property FeatureTable which is a ServiceFeatureTable, when I receive the feature from the user control the property FeatureDomicilioPersona.FeatureTable has content: 


but when I send the feature to the SyncFeatures method that property magically disappears:



Having the property FeatureTable set to null is the reason for the exception I get.


I followed the examples and guides for the sdk but I´m not able to find the reason for that behavior

Is there something I missing? 


Thanks for your help!