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Creating Link File for the Warp From File Tool

Question asked by petrotel on Aug 4, 2017
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I'm trying to use the "Warp From File" tool under Data Management Tools>Projections and Transformations>Raster. It asks for a link file for the control points. I created a tab delimited text file using excel; plotting X coordinates in Column A and Y Coordinates in Column B with a row missing to separate the Source Coordinates and the Target Coordinates (Image).


This didn't work.


Is there any reference on how the link file should be created? All I know is that the format is a .txt file. Is it best to use comma, space, tab delimited text? Do I need to add Source and Target header information? There is nothing on this subject. I know it looks like the X and Y coordinates are reversed in the source coordinates, but this is correct. 


Thank you to anyone who replies!