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Arcgis has stopped working........... install

Question asked by jjfiveoh on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by vsfoote

I've seen some people with issues where the program stops working and gets the 'arcgis has stopped working' prompt. I'm in a different boat. I just purchased the personal edition and I'm looking to install it on this computer. I'm working towards my certification so I've already had the program installed on a different computer. However, I wanted to install this new license on my desktop PC. When I go to run the .exe of Arcgis Desktop 10.5.1 it immediately returns the prompt "Arcgis desktop has stopped running". I am running Windows 8.1, have 8GB of RAM, 4.6 GHz, GTX 1060 video card with the latest driver. I have tried to run the exe file as administrator, I have tried to run the compatibility mode. I have tried to run it with the firewall turned off and I tried to install it to a different drive. I have even tried to run several other exe files with the same results. At this point I am out of ideas. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!