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Correlation between two different rasters

Question asked by india123 on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by arwan48
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Xander Bakker, Heartly thanks for the Trendline script. It will help you many of GIS users.  One more query since long I have,


Just a few months back I posted one query regarding  Correlation between two different rasters (Example: for X parameter 13 rasters and for Y parameter also the same numbers of raster) and output correlation would be raster format and spatial map of correlation raster will indicate the how two parameters are correlated, value of output -1 to +1.


I got the response from you, but that code performs based on randomly generated point data over the raster and its created the correlation graph.


As we know the spatial map of correlation can be easy and much better to understand and explain the relationship while we talking about the how X and Y correlated and variation over any region.


I searched it, and many of Python user has been asked but not come out with a proper solution yet. 


Please, can you share your opinion, how it could be done in python? 


Thanks & regards 

Shouvik Jha