Creating assignments and prepopulating fields on the fly

Discussion created by monzay on Aug 2, 2017
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I want to be able to create assignments on assets and I want the asset id to be part of the assignment record. I know that I could do this through bulk loading of assignments (populating ID or description with the asset id). However, on the fly it has to be manually done. This is what I have found.


If I configure the popup to show the asset id in the title and I click on the asset the popup shows the asset id with the approximate address underneath that value. If I click on Create Assignment it populates the Location with the asset id only. Before the popup closes I could copy the address value out and past it into the description.


If I configure the popup to show nothing in the title and I click on the asset the popup shows the address at the top but it does not pass that address into the Location box. However, if I click on a second asset (as if I was creating multiple assignments), it does not show the popup but it passes the address into the Location box. In this case, I'm getting the address but I can't even see the asset id to copy into the ID or Description box.


A workaround is to position the asset id field near the top of my popup and when it opens copy everything to the description box and then copy/paste from there into the appropriate boxes. 




This works and I can train my dispatchers to do it this way but like anything done manually there is a greater chance of mistakes vs an automatic method.


I would like to be able to "map" the fields from my popup to the "fields" in the assignment.