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External Database View to Feature Service for Use in Dashboard

Question asked by gsipes on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by jesdial

ArcMap/Catalog 10.4
ArcServer 10.3

IBM Maximo 7.5 (SQL Asset Management Software)



  1. Using SQL Studio, write database spatial view on Maximo workorder table with the following query:

CREATE VIEW dbo.DrainageWOs AS
SELECT CAST(rowstamp AS int) AS ObjectID, wonum, status, location, agx, agy, failurecode, problemcode, worktype, description, actstart, actfinish, actlabhrs, actlabcost, actmatcost, acttoolcost, actlabcost + actmatcost + acttoolcost AS TOTALCOST, geometry::STPointFromText('POINT (' + CONVERT(varchar, agx) + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar, agy) + ')', 102740)
AS WoLoc FROM dbo.workorder
WHERE (actstart >= '2016/10/01') AND (actfinish <= GETDATE()) AND (problemcode IN ('DR01', 'DR02', 'DR03', 'DR05', 'DR06', 'DR07', 'DR08', 'DR09', 'DR10', 'DR11', 'DR12', 'DR13', 'DR23',
'DR24', 'DR37', 'DR38', 'DR40', 'DR45'))

   2. In Catalog, right-click the view and select export... to geodatabase (single). I export the view to an SDE Geodatabase, where it becomes a feature class. At this point, I publish it as a feature service and consume it in Operations Dashboard with no problems. Meaning, I have full use of widgets and no data source erros in Dashboard. This is great and all, but it is static data. In order to get fresh data I would have to do this each time and republish. I want to find a python script that will do this for me, and overwrite the FC each day and republish the service. I know next to nothing about python, and have been toying around with it. First I created some steps in model builder and then exported as python, but I kept getting the error "failed to execute output already exists", even though I am using the overwrite python snippet.


Has anyone every accomplished this? That is, automated chron task, spatial view to feature service? Any advice, tips, hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks community! 


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