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Animation Problems with External Renderer while zooming out and zooming in

Question asked by vanonzen on Aug 1, 2017

Hi, <moved from discussion to question>
I have two visual glitches which may be related to each other, or may not. 
we have a minimum display size for our 3d objects, so everywhere in the world, the object is still visible. 
I implemented this procedure in the render code; see attachment. 
There is still a visual glitch visible for 4-5 frames, where the object is smaller than the specified minimum width, and I have no reason why (because this action is performed every single time in render)
Place one breakpoint on the implementation of the test-function (view.goto; line 283). After this breakpoint is hit, add a breakpoint to the render method (original.width<200 ; line 221), for a better visual effect.
In my screen the 3D Object has a variable width of 140 till 200 pixels, given a very strange visual glitch. Please note, the same behaviour occurs when using the scroll mouse, but not when using the touch gesture support.
The second glitch is when you are moving the camera really close to the object itself (especially with a ground view). the object is jumping around / bouncing, during rotation, zoom in/out and other gesture controls (by mouse and touch screen).
How can we control this behaviour?
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