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Address filed split into fields

Question asked by CCweedcontrol on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by CCweedcontrol

I have a table with about 6k road names. only the FULLSTNAME field is populated. I need to populate the PERDIR (pre directional) STNAME (Street name only), STTYPE (Street type) and POSTDIR (post directional) from the field FULLSTNAME.


To start off i started with field calculator but only a handful of fields get populated.

def myParser(inString):
  splitString = inString.split(' ')       ###splits the address into a list
  a = splitString[0]                         ### list item 0 is the first part of name         
  b = splitString[1]                         ### list item 1 is the prefix               
  c = ' '.join(splitString[2:-1])         ###  this rerurns the street name
  d = splitString[-1]                       ### this returns the suf dir or street type           
  return a                                     ### depending on what you want to return,
  #return b                                   ### un-comment and re-comment out the
  #return c                                   ### appropriate value(s)
  #return d



Even looking at just populating "PREDIR" field with the above filed calculator i would run into problems, for example the road name "New Castle Dr" it would put "New" in the PREDIR field which correct because it is not a Pre- directional. Some roads have two words for names like "New Castle Dr" has "New Castle". if used return c it would only populate the STNAME field with just "New".


I tried looking at using arpy with the following but get an invalid syntax line 15


import arcpy

from arcpy import env
inputTable = "Road_Names_1"
arcpy.AddMessage ("input " + inputTable)

#split field loop
rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor (inputTable)  #gets all vlaues for table

for row in rows:  #loops through vlaues and updates new field
    row.Type = row.FULLSTNAME.split(" ")[-1] if ',' in !FULLSTNAME! then !STNAME!=!FULLSTNAME!.split(',',1)[-1] else ""

del row
del rows


I also tried to look at at a post by Ted Kowal of his Address Parase but i am not sure how to use it.

If anyone already has a python script that works and would be willing to share i would really appreciate it.