Problem during Find closest facility task of Network analyst.

07-26-2017 07:12 AM
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I was performing 'FindClosestFacilities' task of network analyst.

During the processing, I received following error message:

"A geoprocessing error occurred.
ERROR 001156: Failed on input OID '<value>', could not write value '<value>' to output field ORIG_FID
Failed to execute (FeatureClassToFeatureClass).
Failed to execute (FindClosestFacilities)."

Network analyst's 'FindClosestFacilities' tool creates the 'TempInput' feature class of its facility input feature class.


The facility input feature class 'OBJECTID' field data type is 'Object ID' and TempInput feature class 'ORIG_FID' field data type is 'SHORT INT'. 

(Example: If facility feature class OBJECTID values is greater than 32767 then the tool is unable to copy that OBJECTID value to ORIG_FID filed of 'TempInput' feature class.

Because the short int data type range is -32767 to 32767.

ERROR 001156: Failed on input OID '32769', could not write value '32769' to output field ORIG_FID)

The 'FeatureClassToFeatureClass' internal operation throws above mentioned error due to the field datatypes mismatching. 

How we can manage field-mapping for above task?

Please suggest solution for the above problem.Thanks!

Dinesh Patil

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a known bug, fixed in ArcMap 10.4... upgrade arcmap is the solution..

A similar thread was reported recently

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Thanks Dan! I will check that with ArcGIS Desktop 10.4.

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Since this is a duplicate of your thread    I will mark this post as assumed answered.  You don't need to repost questions, even if you think it needs to be in two geonet spaces.  If that is the case, to get more exposure, use the @ and the space name and it will show up in that group too.

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