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Supported TextSymbol Properties in Print

Question asked by JKingesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Jul 26, 2017



I've been building a simple app to print out some custom graphics which have been placed on the screen. We are placing two graphics, one to symbolise the point and another to symbolise the text label for that point (as a TextSymbol).


When we try to print this using the Print widget, or PrintTask, some of the properties the 4.4 API provides for TextSymbol, seem to break in the Export Web Map Task and you end up with a default TextSymbol, which is black, has no offset, etc etc. Example:


One of the properties which appears to be causing problems is the font - weight, when it is set to 'bolder'. Which is how I had it set for the example above. If I change this property to be 'bold', then the map prints as expected:


What I'm wondering is, is there a list of the properties which are supported and which are not supported in the Printing? Not just for TextSymbol, but also for the other symbol types? Personally, I think there should be some mention of this in the API (if it truly is an issue). Especially since the example provided in the API for TextSymbol uses 'bolder', as the font - weight.