Custom Print service with secured service

Discussion created by matt.thery on Jul 25, 2017



I was trying to create a custom Print Service to use with the ArcGIS API (Print task). I made my own python toolbox using ConvertWebMapToMapDocument. I added my arcgis connection file (.ags) to the "extra_conversion_options"  parameter of the tool.

The ags file is the exact same one that I used to create a Print service using the built-in toolbox from ESRI, and this print service is working well.

I stored it under one of my registered folder on the server.


The toolbox compiles and works fine locally (it does not ask for credentials). However whatever I do, when it is published as a service, I always get an error :

"RuntimeError: Layer "....": Unable to connect to map server at "


Even weirder, some of the feature services I add to the map, seem to print ok while most don't. They are all secured the same way, and stored at the same place.