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3D Labels Disappearing & Vertical Offset Property Not Working In 4.4

Question asked by alindley on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by RNicola-esristaff

*** This is now fixed as of 4.5! ***


   I've noticed some weird behavior with the LabelSymbol3D labels that I've added to my Scene View. They look good on load and from a zoomed-out scale, but when you zoom closer into the individual polygons that are being labeled, the labels flicker and eventually disappear, but only for certain polygons.

   This behavior is fixed if I remove the 'world-elevation' layer from the map's ground property, making the surface completely flat. My first instinct was to increase the vertical offset of the labels using the 'verticalOffset' property available for LabelSymbol3D features, but changing the 'screenLength' property of the vertical offset yields no changes in the view. 

   Here is a snippet of my code for reference. The labels load fine, but I cannot resolve the problems mentioned above.


var featureLayerLabels = new LabelClass({

   labelExpressionInfo: {
      value: "{padId}"
   symbol: new LabelSymbol3D({
      symbolLayers: [new TextSymbol3DLayer({
         halo: {
            color: "black",
            size: 1
         material: {
              color: [250, 203, 13]
         size: 12
      verticalOffset: {
         screenLength: 150,
         maxWorldLength: 2000,
         minWorldLength: 30
graphicsFeatureLayer.labelsVisible = true;
graphicsFeatureLayer.labelingInfo = [featureLayerLabels];


Am I missing something here? Is anyone else having this issue? Any help or feedback is much appreciated. Thanks