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Python API not showing dependent map layers

Question asked by Desfam22 on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Richard.Stokes_auspost

I'm trying to use the Python API to see the dependent map layers in some of my organization's web maps.  I am following the "Finding relationships between items: Relationship between web map items" on the ArcGIS API for Python Guide documentation.


I made a pretty standard web map with just two layers in it: one feature layer hosted on my organization's AGO account and one map service coming for my organization's stand-alone server that has been registered as at item on the AGO.


I used pretty similar variables to the documentation when testing (please see attached image).  However, the "dependent.upon()" method does not return any results.  According the documentation, it should be returning at least the basemap which is a standard esri basemap and the same one that is returned by the method in the help documentation. Am I missing something?