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Using features to create multiple assignments

Question asked by monzay on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Jonathan.Groves

I'm following the instructions on how to create assignments from existing features. I uploaded a shapefile to the dispatcher map. After saving the map and opening the project and using the box to select the features nothing is selected.  When I click on a feature nothing is selected.


Also, in the dispatcher map configuration I can click on a point and see a popup. In the dispatcher screen I cannot click on a point and see the popup. Is this normal behavior?


Update: Under the "Tip: Create multiple assignments at once" it says to Click + Assignments and gives 3 methods. The 3rd method, use the Identify tool, is faded out and says "Identify is disabled while editing assignments"


Update 2: Using a hosted feature service works. I thought that uploading a shapefile essentially turns it into a feature service.