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Phantom, Persistent, Duplicate Graphics in GraphicsLayer

Question asked by waringt on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by waringt


 This is definitely strange. I am selecting features from a point, a polyline and a polygon featurelayer by distance from a point. I'm creating a graphics layer for each featuretype and highlighting the graphics in the map. All feature types but the points display properly. The points however, maintain a set of phantom graphics that persist at the zoomscale at which they were created. So when you zoom in, there appear to be a second set of point graphics with the same geometry relationship but at the scale at which the graphics layer was first drawn.


The interesting this is that if I add the graphics to the graphicsLayer and do not refresh programmatically, then when the graphics layer redraws when the zoom scale is changed there is no issue. However, if I redraw the graphics layer programmatically then the issue presents. 


I've dug in a little to try to debug this situation. I created a mouseover event on the graphics in the graphicsLayer but the phantom graphics do not respond. The length of the graphics in the graphics layer does not include the phantom graphics either. 


Has anyone ever seen this? Also, what method does a zoom change call on the graphicsLayer? I had assumed that redraw was called on the graphicsLayer but redraw also causes the issue to present. 


Please see the image that I have included. The 'Phantom Graphics' are outlined in black. I have zoomed in and drawn black lines to the points that these phantom graphics correspond with at the initial scale that graphics layer was drawn at. 


Any information or tips will be greatly appreciated.