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Plotting SVG D3.js to ArcGIS map, need to stick with maps coordinate

Question asked by crecendia on Jul 20, 2017

I have some problem with sticking draggable SVG to ArcGIS map, using D3.js. Let's assume that I had latitude:-34.42507,longitude: 150.89315 to place some point that the SVG would be stick.


Here the point of code:


var newg = svg.append("g")
      .data([{x: width / 2, y: height / 2}]);

var dragline = newg.append("line")
                   .attr("x1", function(d) { return d.x + (width - 20); })
                   .attr("y1", function(d) { return d.y + (height - 20); })
                   .attr("x2", 700)
                   .attr("y2", 465)
                   .attr("stroke-width", 2)
                   .attr("stroke", "gray")
                   .attr("cursor", "move")


When I drag the map, the SVG is stay on the screen, exactly with screen coodinates. What I want is the line is sticked with the coordinates.


the map


What I supposed to do to insert coordinates and make them stick with maps? Thanks a lot.