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Cannot Access Survey from Collector

Question asked by athompson_otp on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by vsimps

Hi there,


I'm using a non-federated Server v10.5.0, Survey123 v2.2.15, and Survey123 Connect v2.2.14


I have a survey form that I have linked inside of a web map popup, which I will have users accessing through Collector. My process for creating the survey for an non-federated server is per these instructions:

How To: Create Survey123 for ArcGIS surveys that connect to non-federated ArcGIS Server services


I then created custom URLs in my web map from these directions:

Understanding Survey123's custom URL Scheme 


I get the following error on an iPad in the Survey123 app once a link is clicked in Collector:

                               "Survey not found

Survey id *form code* does not exist or is inaccessible"


When i use my web browser to click on a link within the web map, the Survey123 desktop app opens, and I am able to view the survey. When I am done entering my information and attempt to upload the survey, I get Upload Error 400.


Also, if I try to add a portal to Survey123 (using the same URL that successfully works in Collector), I get an error saying that I timed out. "Socket operation timed out (4)"


Any idea why this is inaccessible? The form, feature service, and web map are all shared with the Portal group who will be seeing this. And according to the documentation that I referenced earlier, it is possible to setup survey forms from non-federated server services. Any help would be greatly appreciated.