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Problem publishing feature service with related tables from ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by kflege on Jul 18, 2017

Hi there GIS world - 


Ok, so I am trying to replicate a process I've used in ArcMap. The goal is to make a copy of the original feature service which can be managed differently than the operational service, in this case, not editable and shared publicly. 


Process was 1) exporting a copy of a hosted feature service (exporting as FGDB) out of ArcGIS Online (generally saved into my "downloads" folder as a temporary storage place, 2) opening in ArcMap and doing some basic editing in the attribute table (deleting a few features) and 3) re-publishing by overwriting a feature service on ArcGIS Online. I favored this process because in overwriting, many of the pop-up configurations and map properties were preserved.


I've tried to do this in Pro a couple of ways to no avail...


1) Add the feature service from data Portal and publish service (or overwrite) from ArcGIS Pro. I repeatedly get the error 24078 "Layer's data source is not supported" See below.



2) Alternatively, I've saved the feature service and related tables to a "map package" and stored locally on my machine. Then tried to publish the service with related tables and get the same error message as above. 


In desktop, this always worked like a charm. Is there a way to replicate this process in ArcGIS Pro? Thanks!