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I am upgrading from ArcGIS Portal 10.4.1 to 10.5.1

Question asked by banchana on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by jgalang

I am upgrading from ArcGIS Portal 10.4.1 to ArcGIS Portal 10.5.1


In the step where I create the initial administrator account, the dialog doesn't show the information about where the content directory location is pointed at. Screenshot attached error1. This screen shot is from the time when i upgraded to 10.4.1. This time, when I am upgrading to 10.5.1, i don't see the red box highlighted part, but I see all items from beginning with First Name and ending at Answer. I am thinking that this must be the cause of the two issues that I am seeing when I complete the installation. the issues explained below:


When I complete the installation, I am seeing these two issues below.

Screen shot below: error2  "Unable to configure the Portal with Web Adaptor. Please make sure that the Portal and WebAdaptor are of the same version".


ArcGIS Portal and WebAdaptor, both are of the same version and i did make sure that before i started with the protal upgrade, i logged in to the portaladmin and unregistered the web adaptor as well.


screen shot below: error3 You are not authorized to use this resource

when I try logging into the portal admin with the initial administrator account, i get his message You are not authorized to use this resource. But using the same account, i can log in to the portal home just fine and see all the contents etc.


Any ideas anybody, specially from esri? Any information is highly appreciated.