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Splash widget and application load lifecycle

Question asked by murdoch on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by murdoch

Using an older version of Web AppBuilder (1.2), I am trying to use a modified "Splash screen" widget to present Terms and Conditions that must be accepted on initial application load prior to proceeding. This all works well, but on slower internet connections there is a small but usable "window of opportunity" for users to actively click on the map content and tools before the splash screen widget is loaded (which _does_ block access to the map, using a modal dialog panel and an "overlay" div).


How can I force the splash screen widget to load _before_ content is available to click on in the map? How can I make that modal overlay div be loaded before the rest of the map content? 

Is this something that is a known issue with older versions and perhaps is fixed in the latest version? Is this possible to implement using the default "splash screen" widget?


I appear to be able to partially mitigate this, by putting this line in the "postCreate" function:
   this.overlayNode.hidden = false;


This shortens, but does not eliminate the "window of opportunity" for clicking and accessing the map contents, however.
Is it possible to change the load order of onscreen widgets, to prevent map access?