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Unable to enable offline mode

Question asked by jra_umich on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by jlukins

I'm unable to set the Offline Mode for newly created web maps using only AGOL hosted feature layers. I'm not certain if this changed with the June 2017 updates; these are the first new web maps I've created since that time.


I've tried this even in an extremely simple, pared down instance using a hosted feature layer that is working fine along with others in previously created maps (created as recently as June). Here's the broad strokes:

  • The hosted feature layer is on AGOL
  • It is sync enabled
  • It's the only layer in the newly created web map
  • It is also edit enabled (Only update feature attributes)
  • The web map is completely new. I've tried both creating a new map then adding the layer to it, and selecting the layer from Content and Adding layer to a new map with full editing control
  • The hosted feature layer was published prior to the June Update, but is working normally in the maps where it existed before.

I'm attaching the full settings page for the hosted feature layer I'm testing against and the settings for the map. I've replicated the loss of this option with two other users in my organization, using the same and different hosted feature layers. Most, but not all, of these hosted feature layers were published prior to the June Update. Some were published today.


The option simply isn't shown on the web map settings.


I should certainly meet the minimum requirements for Offline Mode given in the docs (Prepare maps for offline use—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS ). I noticed that those now say the map will be automatically enabled for offline use if the maps meets the requirements. I don't recall that being the case before; was this a change that occurred during the last update?


Is this something anyone else has seen? Any thoughts on it?