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Collector for ArcGIS Windows Stability Issues

01-16-2020 11:42 PM
by Anonymous User
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My customer is using Dell Latitude 7212 and Xplore XSlate R12 devices in Australia and has found the latest version of Collector for ArcGIS from the Windows Store (18.0.2) crashes on start. All are running the latest Windows 10 patches and operate within an enterprise network.

The devices each have an LTE/GPS card working over 4G with VPN.

Dell = Dell Wireless 5816e multi-mode Gobi 5000 4G LTE WAN card (Japan/Aus/NZ only)

Xplore = Sierra Wireless EM7430 (APAC edition) 4G LTE with GNSS

Are there similar experiences out there and do you have any suggestions to improve stability when using Collector with Windows?

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