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Cannot set description property with users.create()

Question asked by cwarewa on Jul 11, 2017

I am using the gis.users.create() function to create a new user in my AGOL organization. I am logged into the org as an administrator. I can get the create() function to create the user but am not able to enter the 'description' property of the user. I am following the instructions here:


Accessing and managing users | ArcGIS for Developers 


Here's my code from the Jupyter Notebook:


demo_user1 = gis.users.create(username = 'testdemo_user1xx',
password = 'P@ssw0rd',
firstname = 'demo',
lastname = 'user',
email = '',
description = 'Demonstrating how to create users using ArcGIS Python API',
role = 'org_viewer',
level = '1',
provider = 'arcgis')


Everything works except the 'description property'.When I print out the properties of that user, the description is None.