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Features not displaying in print from ArcGIS Online

Question asked by BHiller on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by stonejd

I am having issues printing from the Web Application builder print widget and the ArcGIS Online map viewer print function. Basemap layers will print fine, but features from my feature service are not being displayed in the image/file that is generated for printing.

When I try to print I get the labels from the features displayed, just not the symbols for the features.The feature service is a secured service running on our organization's 10.3.1 ArcGIS Server registered as an item within ArcGIS Online.


I get the same experience whether I use the print service available in ArcGIS Online or a print service running from our ArcGIS Server environment.


Attached is a screenshot generated from a print from the web application builder 


And from ArcGIS Online directly: