Including user submitted data into an update & feedback workflow

08-19-2023 06:05 PM
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HI, looking for advice on the best data update workflow.

We have just added the ability for our users to add points to an empty editable layer, they can access this via Experience Builder and Field Maps. This data needs to be reviewed and approved before being added to our 'source of truth' data sets (which show as layers in Experience Builder and Field Maps).

Our 'source of truth' layers come from ArcGIS Pro (2 staff nationally with divided states) where 'Waypoints are created and stored' and another set is exported from our Event Management database and updated weekly through ArcGIS Pro by IT - we call these 'Spaces'.

I'm a bit lost of the most streamlined way to collect and process new data (points) from our users and feed them back into the 2 original data sets. I also want to be able to complete the feedback loop by showing our users which points were approved for inclusion and for points that weren't I want to include feedback.  I've created fields for this purpose in the Editable Layer, thinking there might be a way to set the symbology to change depending on the status of these fields. Creating a public view of this data clearly showing what is yet to be reviewed, what has been approved and what has been declined.

There is not likely to be a large volume of data coming through from users and will come in waves. Maybe max 50 points a week but sometimes none.

Any advice or links to resources would be appreciated

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