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Create Checked Out Replication Failed

Question asked by Olesya on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Olesya

I'm trying to create a checked out replication in ArcMap 10.4. This is a replication we have to do on a weekly basis. I receive the following message when I try to run the replication. This replication has worked with no problems in the past and to my knowledge nothing has changed.



All layers are registered as versioned and have GUIDs. We have tried re-adding the layers and the same message pops up. When I change the order of the layers, whatever layer is the first in the list is populated in this error message. When I change the version to DEFAULT and attempt to replicate it from there, ArcGIS crashes. When I copy all the layers to a new document and save it, I get the same error message. 
I am replicating from SDE (SQL Server) to a fresh File GDB. We are running Full model (it has to be full to preserve the geometric network that is being replicated), full extent, and saving a new MXD pointing to the GDB.


Any ideas would be very much appreciated.