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Feature Layer doesn't show on Map Print

Question asked by angelpasaribu1 on Jul 6, 2017

Now, I'm trying to make an online map. My map shows multiple layer such road, block, land use, etc. Each layer have to set transparency, so I make the layer using feature layer. But when I'm trying to print this map,the print does not show all my feature layers. Please help me, is there anything I have missed or something wrong on my code.

This is sample code to add my feature layer to,:


my feature layer sample defenition :

app.flroad = new esri.layers.FeatureLayer(", {
        mode: esri.layers.FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
        outFields: ["*"],
        visible: true


and than all the feature layer adding to map.

layerDefinitions = [app.flsph, app.fl,app.flpeat, app.flhcv, app.fllanduse, app.fl2, app.flbound, app.flriver2, app.flriver1, app.flroad, app.flpoi];;

On Map Screen all the layer are shown, but when printing execute and empty printing show.
and the print function : app.printer = new esri.dijit.Print({            map:,            templates: templates,            url: app.printUrl           }, dojo.byId("print_button"));     app.printer.startup();