Bug with 'Time' enabled FeatureLayers?

Discussion created by mark1984 on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by mark1984
I think there maybe a bug with the Javascript API when working with a 'Time' enabled FeatureLayer. Can anyone else confirm?

I have a layer of individual point which originates from a SQL Server database (I used Make Query Table to add the layer to my map). With 'Time' disabled I am able to use the Javascript API and add this layer as a FeatureLayer, I can then add functions like being able to hover over the points to show information etc.

As soon as I enable 'Time' in my MXD, restart the GIS Service and refresh my web application I see nothing but the underlying map. I know the data is being returned from the server because the legend is being written and I am able to print information from individual points as text on the page - I just can't visualise the points!

Any ideas?

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