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Share maps to nominated individuals or groups without making them public

Question asked by benjamin._melbournewater on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by benjamin._melbournewater


Cannot share maps or map-apps created in ArcGIS Online to nominated individuals or teams without making them available to the general public.



Share an ArcGIS Online map link (or map app) with nominated individuals or organisation members.


Current Options:

  1. Share with everyone (public)
  2. Share with organisation
  3. Share with group


Current Issue:

Option 1 is not viable. Option 3 is too restrictive.  Option 2 by name seems almost fit for purpose but in reality it isn't.


Making a map viewable to an organisation, as per option 2, is only possible if access is open to all members of the public, or every user of that organisation has a unique ArcGIS user account (or rightly or wrongly shares another individual users login details).  This is unrealistic for many reasons (eg Security concerns, cost and issues associated with managing potentially hundreds or rarely used, or never used, user accounts etc.).


Can ESRI create a better way for someone to share a map or map-app (for interactive viewing purposes) to other individuals or groups of people within an organisation?


Proposed solution:

Create a 4th option - "Share with nominated people" or “Share with private”.

This approach could utilise the implementation of unique “map passwords” where a web-link and password can be sent to those requiring access to the map or map-app, or through some other unique access link.


Such a solution is not uncommon in many other online sharing platforms.  Without this feature ArcGIS Online remains a tool that is not functional for many current operational purposes.