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Sync problem using streaming mode (Collector)

Question asked by OBVYamaska on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by CGhostine-esristaff


We are experiencing synchro problems using Collector. I tries to reproduce the issue, and it seems to happen when I first draw a polygon with streaming mode, and then create another one manually, before trying to sync.

At this point, the sync fails (Operation rolled back). If I do the sync right after either one of the same polygons, it seems to work. I also can sync after I draw several polygons manually. Therefore, it seems to be linked to the streaming mode.


This is a problem because we will be collecting multiple polygons offline before we can acces internet and sync, and we would like to use the streaming mode for its precision.


We are using a iPad Mini 4 with Collector 10.4.2, Build 1559