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Error at Multiprocessing - “Manage Tile Cache” tool in parallel processing

Question asked by mik1971 on Jun 25, 2017



We use the tool "Manage Tile Cache" on the local machine Desktop in ArcMap 10.5, for ArcGIS Server 10.3.

Parameter "area_of_interest" is the feature class created by CacheWorx "Coverage To Feature" Level 19



The help says: "For the fastest tile creation, your CPU should be working near 100% during the tile creation"

Having 16 cores CPU, and using ParallelProcessingFactor 100% or 16 

the CPU usage is very low - between 3 to 8 percents


In order to find a workaround I tried to use a script with multiprocessing.

Unfortunately, it has an error at the run time. Please help to make it working.


The script


#run “Manage Tile Cache” tool in parallel processing


import arcpy

import multiprocessing

import os

import glob

import sys

import traceback

from multiprocessing import Process, Queue, Pool, \

    cpu_count, current_process, Manager


arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True

arcpy.env.scratchWorkspace = "in_memory"


AAA_Imagery = "D:/gisdata/imagery/public_AAA_Imagery/AAA_Imagery"


Scales__Pixel_Size___Estimated_Disk_Space_ = "564.248588"

Best_WebM = "D:/gisdata/imagery/BestMosaic_2017test.gdb/Best_WebM"

Level_20_coverage = "D:/gisdata/imagery/Levels_coverage.gdb/Level_20_coverage"


def execute_task(bundleAOI):


        result = arcpy.ManageTileCache_management(AAA_Imagery, Manage_Mode, "", Best_WebM, "ARCGISONLINE_SCHEME", "", Scales__Pixel_Size___Estimated_Disk_Space_, bundleAOI, "", "591657527.591555", "282.124294")


        print "result: " + result

    except Exception, e:

        e.traceback = traceback.format_exc()


if __name__ == '__main__':


    #get individual bundles, add it to a dictonary

    bundles = {}

    count = 1

    for bundle in arcpy.da.SearchCursor(Level_20_coverage,["*"]):

        bundles[count] = bundle

        count += 1

    # create a process pool and pass dictonary of extent to execute task

    pool = Pool(processes=cpu_count()), bundles.items())





The error (see the image)