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Disable Editing on AGOL layer that is NOT hosted

Question asked by on Jun 26, 2017
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I have an mxd that I have published via Server and have added the url to my AGOL account. This enables me to edit my data where the data source is SDE so that I do not have to sync my hosted features back to SDE. This has been working
perfectly for two years but now I have a new wrinkle.
If I want only two of my 8 layers to be editable in AGOL, I don't think I can do that?? When I open the AGOL web map I have made from my SDE feature service an on the configuration tab and disable editing and disable show in legend, it seems have no effect when I look at the collector in my ipad. 
So,if I publish it as a feature Service from SDE, is it all or nothing? As in those perimeters have to come from the feature service when it is published from SDE and apply to all layers in the SERVICE an cannot be controlled by the configuration buttons in AGOL?