Collector layer display problems

06-27-2017 05:23 AM
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In our Organisation we have WebMaps up and running. Basemap, Orthofotos and Shades of DGM and DSM are Services on our ArcGIS Server. All other Data are on Esri Server (ArcGIs Online). WebMaps are offline and online, and all where fine until last week.

Since last week I get some error messages in download process.

Some times the download ist working fine, and 5 minutes later the download stops with allways different error messages. We have checked our Server Services, and didn't find any errors.

Mostly the download is working, but after opening the WebMap on Collector for ArcGIS the Tilelayer are mixed up. For Example Orthofoto is displayed as Shade DGM or slope is displayed as Waldkategorien. There is no concept in these errors, everytime when you download a WebMap the "layer Display" is different.

In MapViewer all layer are displayed correct.

ArcGIS Server 10.4.1

ArcMap Destop 10.4.1

Collector for ArcGIS 17.0.2

Thanks for help

Astrid Lichtenberger

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