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Can you edit a hosted feature layer in a web map if sync is enabled?

Question asked by Daryl.Hochhalter on Jun 22, 2017
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ArcGIS 10.4, server, portal, and datastore are running. I published a hosted feature layer from features in an enterprise SQL DB using arcmap. I have everything checked for editing (create, delete, update, query, sync, extract). I can download to my device and create a point in collector with the Trimble R1 or by clicking the screen then sync back and the point appears in the web map on portal. I can't open the webmap in portal and create a point. I can't create a point in Collector if I don't download to the device first. Once I've created a point and synced from the ondevice version, I can then edit that point in the webmap. Actually, i've tried disabling sync on the feature layer and unchecking offline mode in the webmap, but still can't actually create a feature in the webmap either through Collector or in Portal. I'm logged in as an admin and owner of the map and layer.


I believe I was able to edit the live webmap in Collector before I had ever downloaded to my device, but not sure if I did that with the hosted feature layer or one from the enterprise DB.


Appreciate any ideas/help.