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06-07-2017 02:03 PM
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I have a completely on-premise portal linked to my ArcGIS Pro. When it comes to sharing feature layers to Portal it fails. When looking in to it, it looks like that despite being logged in to my portal (admin) in Pro, it is not set as the active portal. When I right-click on it in the Project tab, the 'make active portal' option is greyed out.

I'm assuming this is the problem with sharing with portal? Any ideas why I cannot make it active in Pro?

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Hi Al,

When attempting to share your feature layers from ArcGIS Pro with Portal for ArcGIS, your Portal must have either:

i) a hosting server configuration (e.g., a hosting GIS Server + the ArcGIS Data Store) - this is also commonly called a "base deployment", or

ii) a federated server configuration (e.g., a GIS Server that is federated with Portal), or

iii) both associations as part of your Portal.

Depending on which set-up you've enabled with Portal for ArcGIS, this will affect your sharing options:

i) will allow you to copy all data;

ii) will allow you to share with registered data;

iii) both options will be available.

Once this requirement is met, then you will be able to set Portal for ArcGIS as your active portal to share content to from ArcGIS Pro.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Derek, 

thanks for the reply. It looks like I had some certificate issues which was affecting the set-up above. It looks good now.



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