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Hide Pop-ups in Embedded Web App

Question asked by kafros on Jun 22, 2017

I have a Web App Builder URL that is passed a parameter to zoom into a parcel polygon.  My application, when passing that parameter does a great job at selecting that polygon, however a pop-up with its related information appears.  I need to embed this application within another web page/app, making it fit a small space so the pop-up isn't necessary and takes up too much of that space.  An example of my URL is below.




This said, I need help with two things:

  1.   How do I turn off the pop-ups and still get the URL to zoom into and select the parcel polygon?
  2.   How can I embed that URL in an ASPX webpage and pass the parcel parameter based upon an established session variable containing it's value (I've been toying with JavaScript)? 


I've tried using a div and an iframe tag, but I can't seem to get the div to properly display my URL and can't get any javascript to work right to pick up the session variable or shut off the pop-up.  Thanks for any ideas!