In Web Map published from Pro the layers are not Portal Items

Discussion created by minerjoe Champion on Jun 22, 2017

I have noticed something setting up Web Maps which causes a serious issue in trying to use these maps from a Runtime application.  There are two scenarios for publishing a Web Map which should produce identical Web Maps.  


Prior to setting up the Web Maps all layers are published from ArcGIS Pro as Feature Services to our local Portal


  1. I setup maps in ArcGIS Pro adding the layers created earlier from Portal.  This map is then published to Portal as a WebMap.
  2. I setup a WebMap in Portal using the Map Viewer


On the surface the WebMap produced are the same.  There is one critical difference, though.  The layers in the WebMap produced through Pro are just services (the same layer type you would get using the "Add Service From the Web" approach in Portal)  The layers in the map created in Portal are Portal Items.


From a Runtime development standpoint this difference makes (for our purposes) the map produced in Pro useless.  We need access to the underlying Portal item of the Feature Service to get to properties of the item.  In the WebMap produced in Pro there does not seem to be a way to get access to that underlying Portal Item.


Why this would be? I added the layers in Pro from Portal, not from services they should be treated as Portal Items.  Is there any chance this would be fixed in ArcGIS Pro 2.0?  This is a huge issue for us, because it means that we are unable to use Pro as part of our proposed workflow for publishing WebMaps which will result in much greater time spent producing the required Web Maps


Michael Branscomb