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Issue with using a proxy

Question asked by on Jun 20, 2017

I am trying to configure a proxy to access the sample ISS location reports but am having a problem getting GEP (version 10.4.1) to properly use our corporate proxy server.


I can access the service using a variety of web servers and using wget from a command line - all going through the proxy - but GEP seems stubborn!


The error I get is:

Logger: com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpInboundTransport

Error: Error creating the URL: <proxy host>:<proxy port>? Error Unknown protocol: <proxy host>


I've configured the proxy in the Site Settings, and I've included the proxy details as <proxy host>:<proxy port> in the input connector configuration (although this last one seems to be totally ignored!)


Access is fine off our corporate network and without using a proxy...but not where I need it to work!


Any ideas?