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Register postgresql 9.4.x geodatabase into ArcGIS Server 10.3

Question asked by pram.septian on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by asrujit_pb

Hello people!


I am currently developing an web application for my client. The conditions are :

- Geodatabase and sde schema are on Postgresql 9.4 whereas ArcGIS server is 10.3

- Geodatabase is on different machine with the ArcGIS Server and both are linux

- Both are access-limited since both are stored in a data center



I have successfully created the sde schema on postgresql. However, when i registered it into server, an error popped-up as follows

My first guess is that arcgis server 10.3 does not support postgresql 9.4. Since i am a newbie in this kind of thing, i really beg for solution from you guys!! Help!!!!


Thanks before! Have a nice day