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Integrating Data Reviewer with Workflow Manger

Question asked by Siddharthasaxena on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by xzheng-esristaff

We are trying to integrate Data Reviewer with Workflow manager. While creating Workflow Manger custom step for creating a Reviewer Workspace we are given three options

1) Same as the job's data workspace.

2) WMX Data Workspace Connection.

3) Personal or File Geodatabase.



The problem which we are facing is that we have separate schema for Workflow Manager and Data Reviewer and want to maintain them as such. But we don't find any option to select any other Enterprise Geodatabase (Data Reviewer Schema in this case) in this custom step. Is there any other way to achieve the same? Or do we need to have the same schema for storing both the Workflow Manager as well as Data Reviewer Workspace?