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WMS Ortho layer loading faster in older ArcGIS Version?

Question asked by skidgis on Jun 12, 2017

Hi. I am testing a new computer for our GIS computer lab, and specifically testing the old computer vs. the new one. The older one is running ArcGIS 10.4.1, and the new one is running ArcGIS 10.5. So far in our performance tests, all GIS tasks on the new computer are happening 50% faster than on the older setup with 10.4.1. 


I recently went to test bringing in a WMS service from New York State. Here is the link to the WMS service:


Oddly, the WMS service loads 3X faster on the older setup than the newer setup. Specifically, it loads all the Aerial Photos for NYS in 2 seconds on ArcGIS 10.4.1 on the older computer, and it takes 6 seconds on the newer 10.5 computer.


I have tried turning on Hardware Acceleration, and that helped significantly with loading basemaps on both computers, but had no impact on WMS layer load time. I have also cleared the local cache for display, and that too has had no impact on WMS layer load time.


I'm stumped. Can anyone suggest any other things to try to improve WMS layer load times in ArcGIS 10.5?


Thank, Alex

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