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editing TextSymbol with halo stomps on haloColor

Question asked by supercorn on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by supercorn

I'm adding a point with a TextSymbol to a map that has a haloColor and haloSize set. When I activate an Edit toolbar with either Edit.EDIT_TEXT, Edit.SCALE, or Edit.ROTATE a SymbolEditor pops up to edit the alignment, color and halo color of the symbol. The SymbolEditor correctly detects the TextSymbol's color, but does not detect the haloColo and forces it to white. Even if I use the "textSymbolEditorHolder" option to locate the SymbolEditor into a specific div with style display none, it still overrides the haloColor to be white. I don't see any way to not pop up the SymbolEditor.


Here's a jsbin that demonstrates the problem pretty simply