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Context Menu on IOS

Question asked by jfaron44 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by jfaron44

I have a similar question as asked previously in the forum here. I have implemented the context menu in an app and it works with long press on android, but not on ios. I tried the esri context menu sample and it too fails on ios.  I know that ios handles mouse events natively, and they don't bubble by default, but I have followed all the published advice, including adding 'pointer: cursor; to all nodes in the DOM, and created empty mouse events (click handlers) in the code, but I can only get alerts to work when inserted into the click handlers that I create, using touchstart or mousedown as the event, and even tried to use 'contextmenu' event, but that doesn't work on ios either. I can't tell how far the long press gets: It seems to be a problem with dojo menu.js, but I have not had the opportunity yet to debug an ipad on a mac (I use Windows at work, and the Chrome simulator cannot simulate native ios mouse events: the context menu works fine in the Chrome simulator).

The gist of the problem is described here and here and here.

Since the esri sample doesn't seem to work on ios either, I wonder if the esri javascript api supports ios fully or even well? An app that does not work on iPad is not going to be successful.


I hope there is a work-around. I am using the bower build, so I do have access to the menu.js, if it is necessary to adjust anything there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jim Faron