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Performance problem when draw graphics around 400,000 points

Question asked by matrixhazard on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by csgeosol1


I have an issue with drawing 400,000 graphics point on map. These data for drawing those points come from query from the database which I can manage now.


The problem is after I got around 400K points data in json array format (with lat,lon and around 10-15 attributes). It makes my website crashes due to a massive amount of data which consumes almost 600mb of memory when trying to draw these 400K points at the same time.


I'm looking for some idea to help dealing with this massive amount of data. I'm considering using ClusterLayer but still worried whether loading 400K data into ClusterLayer and really help or not. Or is there any other idea that I can use to manage my 400K point data?

Your help or any idea would be very appreciated.