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Lost edited data when posting the version to the DEFAULT version

Question asked by rdcalerodeveloper on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by RRobichaux-esristaff

Enterprise Geodatabase system features


Dbms: Oracle 11gR2

Server: ArcGIS Server 10.0

Client: ArcMap 10.0 Service Pack 5

Third Party Application: ArcFM 10.0.1 SP1



Context of the Problem:


It was created an editing version worked on it and saved the version without problems. Then i reconciled equally without fail and resolved the conflicts that were found.


Subsequently, the posting of the current version was made to the DEFAULT and at the moment of reviewing the changes; It was identified that 300 modified attributes of a Gdb table were not present in the official DEFAULT version of the database.


ArcMap did not report any errors and the fault has been presented in the versions of two user accounts that have equal editing permission, in which each one publishes its respective Dataset.


When i searching the internet I do not encounter similar failure, for which reason I request moderately support or guidance to find the solution of the problem.