How to group points into optimal clusters: Proximity and Timeframe?

Discussion created by Playa on Jun 1, 2017
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I' have extracted 2000 random building footprints within my study area and need to group the following points into optimal clusters to divide the study area for the 24 surveyors (x24 Tablets). We have 8 days to complete the survey and have roughly determined that it would take 45 minutes to survey a house, including walking from the previous house. The house locations are spread over the study area and have high and low clusters, which need to be taken into account. Any suggestions or methodologies that I could use to generate the clusters to group the points to split the study area up for the surveyors will be appreciated. I've tried used the Group Analysis tool within ArcGIS with little to no success as I have no attributes to use for any commonality between the points.


Social Services Survey: 2000 Random Buildings Selection Clusters